Predictions, As-A-Service
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What is Predikt?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Predictions, offered As-A-Service. The Predikt engine learns near, real-time to offer recommendations, as your users view, rate or buy the products or items listed on your website and/or mobile app.

Predict Interests

Predikt provides real time predictions for items, that an user maybe interested in, even if the user is browsing anonymously or is not logged in.

Recommend Items

Predikt can recommend similar products for items or products, that the user is viewing on your website or mobile app.

Pay as you go!

You pay as you go, based on the volume of your data, anticipated traffic on your website or app and the PREDIKT training frequency that you choose!

How can Predikt help?

Showcase your offerings more effectively. Achieve higher conversion & bring users back to your website by recommending items smarter, like Amazon, NETFLIX or Spotify!

How to integrate?

Quick setup & on-boarding. If you need help with implementations of any of the steps below our team can help!

  • 1


    Upload your product or items information, as the seed data for PREDIKT. If there is no seed data available, you can plugin PREDIKT and let the engine auto-ingest the product information.

  • 2


    Upload user, product or items interaction data, if available for pre-training PREDIKT. Like Step 1, if there is no seed data available, the PREDIKT engine can be configured to auto-ingest the user engagement as your users browse your website or app.

  • 3

    Enable Tracking

    Use the PREDIKT REST APIs to track the actions users take against your products or items (view, rate, etc.) listed on your website or app. For Steps 1 and 2, if there are no seed data, this Step can be configured to automatically create your product seed data as the engine tracks usage.

  • Integrate

    Use the PREDIKT REST APIs to start receiving predictions for the user or items, on your website. Alternatively, furnish us some insights for the stack leveraged to build your webiste or app, & we will provide you a SDK that you can plug & play!

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